Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Le Petit Glouton - rustic, traditional cuisine

Saturday evening I found Au Petit Glouton, another traditional bouchon in old Lyon. I was determined to try a local specialty, and I did. Sadly it left me a little disappointed. The cuisine at Le Petit Glouton did not make me tick in any way.

Location: BBBBB

Le Petit Glouton is located in Rue St. Jean in old Lyon. A unique area steeped in history is a prime location for a good restaurant. The nearest Metro station is Old Lyon, 500 metres further south, by the cathedral. See location on map here.

Atmosphere: BBBB

Le Petit Glouton is located in an old town house with a beautiful rustic beamed ceiling and white painted stone walls.

These architectural features would provide the best possibilities for those that would create a traditional intimate interior. There were some interesting details, but I found the restaurant a little bare.

Price level: BBBB+

A three course dinner, including one half bottle of rosé wine for around the €20 mark. A respectable price for such a meal, but the quality made this a slightly less attractive, than further down the road.

Service: BBBB

Good service. I did not have to wait long to be served. The wine was served with a highly unusual amuse bouche, and the three other dishes followed without delay.

Food: BBBB

French Onion Soup: BBBB+

An overall good start of the meal, arriving piping hot to the table. Made from good stock, it had ended up a little too salt, without the necessary sweetness to balance it up.

I also missed the cheese, unless this is the way they serve this scrumptious dish in Lyon.

Saucisson Lyonnais: BBB+

I had decided to choose a specialty from Lyon. I hesitated to order the Andouille Lyonnaise, a tripe sausage. I chose another made from more traditional ingredients.

I had expected a more rustic dish, more meat, garlic, and herbs. What I got was a sausage resembling the ones I buy in my local supermarket, served hot in a dark gravy. I thought it very disappointing.

Cheese: BBBB-

I had swapped desserts with locally produced cheese, and I got the same cheese every time. Very soft, young, unpasteurized cheese.

One salad leaf or two on the plate.

Wine: BBBB+

A good produced rosé wine, equally good for both meat, fish, or cheese.

Rating the Le Petit Glouton experience: BBBB (4,1 points)

I would rather recommend the two other bouchons than Le Petit Glouton.

Le Petit Glouton
56, Rue St Jean
69005 Lyon, France
Phone: +33 4 78 37 30 10

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