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Enjoy Food & Travel - September 2008

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By September 30
th 2942 of you had visited Enjoy Food & Travel. In addition to this, an average of 24 of you subscribed daily to feeds, bringing the total number to 3696. I am still curious who you are, those of you that visit Enjoy Food & Travel.

Sharp increase in visits

It is Feedburner that has made it possible for me to follow where my visitors come from, and it has been exciting to follow the increase in traffic.

From the humble start in September 2006 Enjoy Food & Travel has grown in size. In average I have published one story each day, and September 25th I published my 1000th story on food and travel here on my site. As the site has grown, more and more of you visit. The first year I struggled to reach 400-500 visitors a month, now the number of visitors has increased fivefold. In September I did another jump as the number of visits in average was close to 100 a day, touching 3000 a month.

Majority of visitors in Northern Europe and the US

Most visitors are still found in the United States and Europe. In the US the Boston, New York City-New Jersey, Washington DC area, Los Angeles and San Francisco areas have the largest concentration og visitors.

In Europe Norway, Denmark, England (particularly Greater London), Netherlands and Belgium have the most visitors. In rest of Europe the number of visitors have grown sharply, particularly from France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

More visitors from Asia and Africa

There are an increasing number of visitors from Asia. India, Pakistan, and Malaysia. Enjoy Food & Travel has also been discovered by one visitor in Nepal, Kuwait and on Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Another growth area outside Europe and North America is South Africa, and particular in the Johannesburg-Pretoria area. I have scattered visitors from different African countries and a visitor from one new location in Africa, Algerie.

South America

There are few visitor from South and Latin America. Most are from Brazil, and I've had sporadic visits from Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile. In September I had my first visitor from Honduras in Latin America.

White spots on the map

No visitors from the Peoples Republic of China, and Central Asian countries including Afghanistan. There have also been no visitors from a majority of African countries.

Visitors from new countries & territories

In July I am pleased to see that I had visitors from new countries and territories on all continents.

I would like to welcome my first visitors from:

  • Madeira (Funchal, September 2nd 2008)
  • Guam (Aghana Heights, September 3rd 2008)
  • Dominican Republic (Las Lagunas, September 4th 2008)
  • Sri Lanka (Unspec, September 4th 2008)
  • Nepal (Unspec, September 19th 2008)
  • Honduras (San Pedro Sula, September 21st 2008)
  • Kuwait (Unspec, September 23rd 2008)
  • Algerie (Unspec, September 24th 2008)

Share a sight, a restaurant or your favourite recipe on Enjoy Food & Travel

Send an email to, attach a picture and get your story on Enjoy Food & Travel. Then the other visitors may get to know you! Then we could experience what a true global community may be.

And again, thank you for visiting Enjoy Food & Travel!!

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