Saturday, October 18, 2008

Economy on Crown of Scandinavia

Finally - Tuesday October 7th, I and my sister were on our way to Copenhagen enjoying my free tour from DFDS. We sailed on MF Crown of Scandinavia, one of two vessels cruising between Oslo and Copenhagen.

I am very hard to please, as the last times I have been traveling in business class when crossing the Kattegat. As a former board member, now web master for the Norwegian Security Association, it paid my fare - in a Commodore De-Luxe cabin.

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I am happy to say that this was a very good experience. We stayed in cabin 508 - a room with a view.

The cabin was quite small, in fact two beds had been folded up, making a room for 4 into two. The room was not big, you believe me - it had a Japanese feel to it. Still two tidy people could have a comfortable crossing on board.

The bathroom was equally tiny, toilet, sink and shower crammed into a small space, but it worked funny enough.

I traveled for free, but how much would a cabin like this cost you? For this coming week the fare would be around NOK 1200 (€ 150) for a round trip for two. Not bad, considering the fact you get two nights on board.

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