Thursday, September 25, 2008

Story number 1000 on Enjoy Food & Travel - A tribute to a great cook

This is story number 1000 on Enjoy Food & Travel. When I started two years ago, I would never have imagined that it would grow this big. This story will be a tribute to a great cook and a great friend and support in my life - my aunt Hanne Skuggevik.

This story will be published September 25th, but is written on my cousins kitchen in Scituate MA. It is a wonderful and mild morning, with clear skies along the Eastern Seaboard. Everyone is talking about fall, but for me this is a prolonged summer week. I have even had a swim in the freezing cold water (63F!!!) I have stayed here for 5 days, and I will today (Wednesday September 17th 2008) travel north to my other cousins house in North End Boulevard in Salisbury Beach.

My aunt is a remarkable woman. She is now 97 years old, and in a nursery home in Newburyport MA. She is a very generous and open minded person and has been a great support for me and her American family and I look back on these years with gratitude.

When I first came to America 20 years ago, I lived in her house in Guinea Road in Stratham NH. She was a excellent cook and upheld the Scandinavian culinary traditions and loved to make traditional food from the country she settled in. And her Egg Benedict was the best breakfast I had - ever!!

When returning to the Norway I will bring some of her culinary skills with me. My cousin Erica gave me her recipe book filled with written recipes and clippings in both Norwegian and English. It was kept in a small wooden box.
I intend to collect them in a small recipe book and some of them will be available here on Enjoy Food & Travel. This as I will make the dishes from her recipe book and present it at Enjoy Food & Travel. In this way I can make the food she once made in her charming kitchen in the woods of New Hampshire.

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