Thursday, September 04, 2008

Schwerin - an old city

escaped the bombing raids of World World II. This means that the city you see today has grown slowly and has buildings from many centuries. They are built along the streets of the old city centre that grew up from the 12th century around the large Gothic church. I took a stroll through the old streets, and I saw buildings from different ages. Here are a few.

Historic buildings of Schlachtermarkt

As you enter the Main market square you can walk through a dark passage way and enter the Sclachtermarkt or the Butcher's Market. This mysterious passage has ancient Gothic vaults.

The Schlachtermarkt is a wonderful square with small restaurants and shops. Here I found these two buildings, and I suspect that they are among of the oldest in the city possibly 400-500 years old.

Anno Domini 1574

The oldest dated building is located close to the Schlachtermarkt. This beautiful half-timbered building bears the following inscription on one of its beams:


A prayer for mercy of God for the house and its owners written on the solid wooden beam over 530 years ago. It has certainly worked, as it is still standing.

Kunstdrechslerei Zettler Anno 1698

This small house in Schusterstrasse was built the last years of the 17th century. Here you have some very interesting architectural details. On the gable you have an interesting little wooden portrait over an old led glass window.

Schlosstrasse 10 (1765)

The house in Schloss strasse 10 is one of its kind in Schwerin. Original facade with scrolled gable and rococco gables.

It was built around 1765 from a design by Johann Joachim Busch that designed Schloss Ludwigslust close to Schwerin. It is the only example of this architecture in Schwerin

Schwerin Masonic Building (1846)

The Masonic building in Schwerin is located close to Sclachtermarkt. It was a gift from Hofbaumeiser Georg Adolph Demmler in 1846.

The Lodge of Harpokratus zur Morgenröthe was founded as far back as 1809. The most famous monument of Hofbaumeiser Georg Adolph Demmler is the Palace in Schwerin, the home of the Dukes of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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