Saturday, September 20, 2008

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu – variations over a theme

Pork chops are, if you remove the fat, very lean meat, and are besides that very inexpensive. A few weeks ago I made two variations over the famous Schnitzel Cordon Bleu. Very easy to make and my, how good it tastes!

What you will need for this recipe
2 pork chops, boned
½ pack of Shake’n Bake or any other crumb
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
2 large slices of boiled ham
2 large slices of gruyere or Swiss cheese

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu is originally made from veal, but pork is an excellent and cheaper alternative. I took two pork chops, removed the bones, and placed on a sheet of cling film and placed another sheet on top. Then I took out my mallet and gave the chops a really good wack or twenty, flattening until they nearly doubled in size.

I had, from my last stay in the US som Shake’n Bake bread crumbs left. I placed the crumbs on a plate and placed the schnitzel on top of the crumbs. Then I spread 1 tbsp of Dijon mustard over the whole surface of the meat, then placed cheese and ham on one half. Folded the other half over, and placed in a well oiled baking tray. Baked in oven at 200C / 400F for ½ hour until bread crumbs are crisp and cheese has melted.

During a stay at our summer home, first weekend in October I made the recipe again. As I had a visit from a friend that does not tolerate gluten I made the recipe without the crumbs. That worked perfectly well, but you do not get that delicious crunch. For those of you with coeliacs disease or gluten intolerance there are gluten free bread crumbs available, so you may have not miss that experience.

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