Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lunch with Madam Reiersen

Saturday August 30th: A wonderful late summer visit to my hometown Arendal. We had decided to eat lunch at Lindvedske Hus. Sadly it was under renovation. Would our favourite lunch restaurant change? Would we get our favourite warm sandwiches and favourite beer, Nøgne Ø, when it opens? We were deeply troubled, and were forced to find another place to lunch.

Madam Reiersen is located in one of the 19th century houses at Tyholmen, the old part of Arendal. I have had very different culinary experiences here, some very good, others very uninteresting. This May I had an excellent three course dinner, so I was eager to have another try. That was a good idea.

We were ready to eat mackerel later, so one dish would be enough.

Here is a presentation of what we ordered. Fish soup for me, Terje and Ketil. Salad with scampi for my friend Laila and salad with confit chicken from Stange gård for Astrid .

Madam Reiersen fish soup

I love fish soup and the soup served at Madam Reiersen was one of the better I have been served in a restaurant.

Creamy, maybe a little more fish or shrimps would have been a good idea. Well balanced, not too salt, as many fish soups tend to be, pleasant sweetness.

The bread had an abundance of dried herbs, salt and garlic. Very good!

Salad with confit chicken from Stange gård

Stange Gård produce gourmet chicken and duck. This chicken had been slowly cooked in fat, turning it very tender and succulent.

A large portion with an abundance of meat - a real treat for a late summer day.

Salad with scampi

Delicious marinated tiger prawns topping crunchy salad leaves, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and crunchy raw red onions.

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