Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In carb-junkie and fiber addiction Heaven

Schlosspark Center, in the middle of Schwerin, is a danger for anyone with a credit card. Here you may roam for hours and find anything you’d like. And when you get tired, you can sit down for a snack in one of the small bars or cafés in the center. The center is not only the place for shoes and clothes but a temple for any other addiction, including food.

I leave most shops alone, but I am deeply addicted to food shopping. On the 3rd floor at Schlosspark Center you have a large super market. It was here I filled up my German food basket. On the ground floor I found two fascinating places catering to two different tastes.

Look at this fruit and green grocers. I have rarely seen anything similar. By the entrance of the Schlosspark Center I found the spectacular place of worship for fiber fanatics. The place to indulge in internationally and nationally produced fruit and vegetables. This is food to go to heaven for, it is not only good for you, but it tastes good and looks great as well. All the colours of nature will help you fight any kind of evil. Eat colour!!

If you, on the other hand, are part of the current anti-trend, still craving for carbohydrates – this bakers shop may be the place for you. The Germans are deeply into pastries. Puff pastry with fruit fillings often dipped in sinful frosting. This food is certainly to go to hell for, particularly in these times when all eyes are on what you eat and how bad it is for you. I still believe that a sin on and off is good for you. People eating only fruit are boring. Those who dig into a large cake are much more interesting.


Malin said...

My experience with german cakes is that they look so much better than they taste! :o(
But I like that you have started carb-porn blogging! Hihi

For a really good cake, I can reccomend a highly addictive cake found at United Bakeries here in Oslo, namely the caramel/pekan tarte. Ooaah. It is scary good!

nzyme said...

High carb content has a great energy source for breakfast. It, like most puff pastry dishes, is full of empty carbs. You can offset that, though, by balancing a smaller portion with some vegetables and also mixing the fruits on the side of the puffs. So, People around the world get addicted more of themselves pleasure in cakes, puff pastry and gets fiber.

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