Saturday, September 06, 2008

Images from an exhibition

I travelled to Schwerin for the sake of the artist that made this portrait of me. Malin Kjelsrud is an extremely gifted artist that managed to capture my eyes in this magic way. I was there to see this painting and the others displayed at the exbibition.

The first round of the exhibition "Urban Portraits" was opened at Jagdschloss Gelbensande April 14th, partly sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin.

The exhibition was relaunched at Schwerin Public Library August 21st. 40-50 people was present when the exhibition was formally opened.

Malin Kjelsrud has created contemporary art with an original twist. She creates portraits in strong colours, from photo shots.

She shows a remarkable variation in styles, from the traditional portrait to an emotional variation over Munchs scream a la Kjelsrud.

Images from an exhibition

Here are some of the images displayed at Schwerin Public Library.

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