Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A free ticket to Copenhagen after all!

Tuesday evening September 30th 2008

I sent the article of my free ticket to the DFDS shipping company. This evening I went through my e-mail, and I got this answer from DFDS Shipping.


Viser til din henvendelse, og takker samtidig for tilbakemeldingen, som er et viktig bidrag i vårt kontinuerlige arbeid for å forbedre vårt produkt og service. Det er meget beklagelig at du har fått feil informasjon ved henvendelse til DFDS vedr. gavebrevet. Det som er riktig er at en person reiser gratis, mens evt. Ledsager skal betale kr 348,-. Ta gjerne kontakt med undertegnede på tlf 21621003, evt. Pr E-post, hvis du ønsker å bestille reise.

Med vennlig hilsen
DFDS Seaways
Leder Salgssenter og -Support"

A short translation:


"We refer to your e-mail, and thank you for your feedback that is a valuable contribution in our continuous effort to improve our product and customer service. It is regrettable that you have recieved wrong information when taking contact with DFDS on your gift certificate. The right information is that one person will travel for free, and another traveller may company you for NOK 348,- Take contact with me on phone or by e-mail if you would like to book your ticket"

Well I thank DFDS for answering my mail. This may end up in a trip to Copenhagen after all. I just have to find a day in my busy schedule in order to book. I will keep you posted in this ongoing story. Shall we call it; Will Tor Johnsen go to Copenhagen in October?

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