Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A delicious salad

Another trip, another meal at the Seafood Bar at Oslo Airport. The only place to eat properly here, as far as I know. Considering the amount of time spent on airports in general, it is really strange that there are so few restaurants that serve really good food when you wait for your plane to leave.

Oslo airport has a Pizza Hut (YUK), Upper Crust that serve different sandwiches, and a few places more even less memorable. I always go to the Seafood Bar. While waiting to leave for Berlin last fall, and when travelling to Schwerin a month ago I had the most delicious seafood served.

This time I ordered a seafood salad, highly recommended by the staff. Arriving at the table only 10 minutes later it had tiger prawns, tuna, and scallops slightly fried, cold shrimps and crayfish tails over fresh green salad leaves. It was served with a fresh soir cream dressing with dill. Excellent quality, even though I suspect that the crayfish tails may have been preserved in brine.

Price quite steep, as usual, 139 NOK or 17,50 Euros, but it is so much better than the boring sandwiches and the pizzas from Pizza Hut.

If you are a seafood lover, Seafood Bar is the place for you at Oslo International airport. If you are not, why not try a delicious open sandwich with an anundance of gravlax, smoked salmon, shrimps. Then you would have eaten truly Scandinavian food. Or a plate of sushi or freshly boiled king crab. It was plenty of different things on the menu.

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