Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Church of Saint Thomas - Strasbourg

On the island that form the main centre of Strasbourg you find another large church. The Church of Saint Thomas is very different from The Cathedral. Whereas the Notre Dame is built in a elegant and light Gothic style, this church looks like a fortress in a solid Romanesque style.

There has been a church here over 1400 years. In the sixth century there was a church dedicated to Thomas the Apostle here, but the current church dates back to 1196. It was under construction for 330 years and was completed in Gothic style.

It is the main protestant church in Strasbourg. The city was a stronghold for protestants until 1681, when the French reconquered the city. As the cathedral turned catholic from this year, the church of Saint Thomas became the Protestant cathedral.

In this church there is a famous organ that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once played on in 1778, and another organ designed by Albert Schweitzer was installed in 1905.

Sadly the church was closed when I passed it. It will certainly come back for a visit when revisiting Strasbourg later.

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