Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Airlines drop destinations from Norway to beat costs

Scandinavian, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Sterling and Ryanair cut destinations to beat high oil prices. Frequency on other flights are also reduced, meaning less competition and higher prices for the consumer.

Higher prices on fuel has increased the cost for budget airlines. This, and the fact that there are (too) many airlines that operate flights between Norway and the continent, have caused more and more destinations to close permanently or to be operated only during certain periods of the year.

So for those of you planning to travel between Norway and the following destinations; hurry up, as the last plane is leaving soon or has already left!


Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Oslo - London/Gatwick, last departure scheduled September 1st
  • Rygge - London/Stansted, last departure scheduled September 1st
  • Rygge - Warszawa, last departure scheduled August 29th

SAS Norge:

  • Oslo - Lyon, last departure scheduled October 29th
  • Oslo - Valencia, last departure scheduled October 19th


  • Oslo - East Midlands last departure scheduled August 31st
  • Oslo - Brussel, last departure scheduled September 10th

Lower frequency

Norwegian Air Shuttle:

  • Oslo - Orly/Paris, 2 to 1 daily roundtrip from August 29th
  • Rygge - Beograd, 2 to 1 weekly roundtrip from August 30th
  • Stockholm - Dubai, 3 to 2 weekly roundtrips


  • Torp - Girona/Barcelona, 4 to 2 weekly roundtrips
  • Torp - Bremen, 5 to 3 weekly roundtrips
  • Torp - Dublin, 7 to 4 weekly roundtrips
  • Torp - Milano, 7 to 4 weekly roundtrips

Higher frequency


  • Torp - London Stanstead, 3 to 4 daily roundtrips

Winter closures:

Norwegian Air Shuttle:

  • Rygge- Athen
  • Rygge-Istanbul
  • Oslo - Palma
  • Oslo - Madrid
  • Oslo - Malta
  • Rygge- Sarajevo
  • Rygge - Valencia.


  • Oslo - Bristol

New Destinations:


  • Torp - Düsseldorf/Weeze, from October 27th

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