Friday, August 29, 2008

Zum Stadtkrug, Schwerin - honest German grub!

Germans serve rich food. Large chunks of meat, rich creamed sauces, "pommes", digested with at least two beers and one Underberg to avoid heartburn. We were introduced to German kitchen à la Zum Stadtkrug in Schwerin twice nights in a row, and I was pleasantly surprised. No heartburn, just good company!

Location: BBBB

Gaststätte Zum Stadtkrug Altstadtbrauhaus is located in Wismarschestrasse, in downtown Schwerin, close to Schlosspark Center.

Atmosphere: BBBB+

We entered into a wonderful traditional German bierstub, light walls and colourful beamed roofs. A welcoming warm interior, where you just wanted to sit and have a beer and a good time.

The presentation at the table was informal, i.e. there was nothing. Blank dark tables with no glass or napkins. As we were traveling as a group, we were seated together. Too many people around the table in fact, but my how nice this was.

Price: BBBBB

As we paid our fair share one one bill, I did not get the exact price of my food. The price range for one main course and two beers each night was in the €15-20 mark. Definitely a bargain - much food at a good price.

Service: BBBBB

The staff at Gaststätte Zum Stadtkrug were brilliant. They served a large group professionally, food and drink was brought to our table without having to wait, and we even managed to pay our fair share on the bill and a generous tip - I hope!

Food: BBBB+

Chicken and turkey fillet with cheese, mange-tout and pommes frites: BBBBB-

Doesn't it look good? One turkey and one chicken fillet with a slice of cheese in the middle. Served with a generous amount of French fries. Very moist, very rich. The mange-touts were definitely overcooked. A few minutes less would have given a little crunch as well.

The amount of "pommes" was so big that I would have had severe problems if I had eaten all.


Flammkuchen: BBBB

Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée is an Alsatian specialty, a Northern European pizza variety. Thin crust covered with creme fraiche, onions and bacon. At Zum Stadtkrug they served one traditional and one Mediterranean variety. I chose the traditional.

I was served a thin crispy pie baked in a very hot oven.

It tasted very good, but I had expected that Flammkuchen would be more moist, but it was dry, and the crust was slightly burnt.

The beer: BBBB+

Good light beer, dripping cold and pleasantly carbonated. Perfect to our German grub.

Rating the Gaststätte Zum Stadtkrug Altstadtbrauhaus experience: BBBB+ (4,48 points)

Zum Stadtkrug is absolutely recommendable. Lovely interior, excellent service, good food at an unbeatable price.

Gaststätte Zum Stadtkrug Altstadtbrauhaus
Wismarsche Str. 126
19053 Schwerin, Germany
0385 5936695

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