Sunday, August 24, 2008

Schwerin - the city by the lakes

I have spent my last four days in Schwerin, the capital of Bundesland Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northern Germany. It is a city of around 100 000 inhabitants with a long and interesting history. My reason to visit the city was an exhibition of Malin Kjelsruds works, where I was one of the models. Here are some highlights for the days to come at Enjoy Food & Travel.

A city by lakes

Schwerin is located by several smaller and larger lakes. The smallest, the Pfaffenteig, is located within the city centre. The Ziegelsee stretches north from the Pfaffenteig.

At the west of the city centre you have the Lankower, Medeveger and Neumühler lakes. On the east you find Schweriner See, by far the biggest. This image is taken from the Castle of Schwerin. By its banks you have villas with big gardens, as well as beaches and forest.


The city's history covers most of the previous millennium. The city escaped bombing during World War II, and therefore you find many old houses and monuments along the narrow crooked streets.

Of particular interest is the Schweriner Dom, dedicated to Saint John and Saint Mary, a huge red brick gothic cathedral.

Another sight worth seeing is the Schweriner Schloss, the homes of the Dukes of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and is now the seat of the local parliament - das Landestag. I will return to both of them later.

A haven for foodies

The city is a haven for those that love good food and drink. On many a corner you find bakeries offering the most sinful sweet cakes imaginable. We were gloating outside this display at the main railway station.

You could buy street food, but if you wanted to get a good meal inside, there were some very decent restaurants serving high quality food at very reasonable prices.


Schwerin has everything to offer a shopoholic. You will have no problem to use a fortune on clothes, shoes, bags, or accessories. Along Mecklenburgerstrasse you find everything you can desire.

Another place to consider during a rainy day is the Schlosspark Center. Located in the downtown area you will find everything from from apples to CD-players, cosmetics to jewelry. If you get tired you may sit down in a small coffee shop of snack bar and have something to eat.

Here you also find a very good supermarket to buy things for foodies - I did.

If you like antiques, I would like to recommend Friedrichstrasse. Here you will find a wide variety of antiques and art dealers.

How to get there

We went there by plane, from Oslo to Hamburg. Take the airport express bus to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. We took a train in bound for Stralsund. The trip took an hour and the fare was €25 each way.

And this was a few highlights

Stay tuned for more on Schwerin here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

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