Sunday, August 03, 2008

Scandinavian Travel News

Here are a few pieces of travel news from Scandinavia. Now you may enjoy a better and more comfortable train service from Oslo to Stockholm, as SJ the Swedish Railways get competition from UnionsExpressen on the railway.

As Ryanair close down three services from Torp Airport Sandefjord, they are opening a new to Düsseldorf this fall.

More comfort and proper restaurant on new Scandinavian train service

Scandinavia has been a backwater in Europe on offering new and better train services to the travellers. This is particularly the case for Norway, whose geography, long distances, and scattered population have made air travel more popular and convenient among travellers than train services. At one point the daily train service between Stockholm and Oslo closed, only to be reopened in February 2007. The non-stop service from Oslo to Copenhagen is now permanently closed. Now you have to change trains in Gothenburg.

UnionsExpressen opened its service from Oslo to Copenhagen in May 2008, and offers one way tickets for the five and a half hour train ride at a fixed price of 424 NOK (€53). SJ, the competitor has a flexible price system depending on demand. Here you may get tickets down to NOK 80 (€10), but you may have to pay even more than UnionsExpressen during peak season.

As SJ runs a standard service, UnionsExpressen wants to provide the traveller with an old fashioned style, and a good restaurant. They have wanted to provide a little of the atmosphere found in more famous and exclusive train services, as the Orient Express and the South African Blue Train. There are fewer seats in a newly restored retro interior, and those that have travelled with UnionsExpressen this far, have been very satisfied with the comfort and restaurant.

Chef Roger Johanzon has composed an à la carte-menu based on Scandinavian ingredients and created food with a genuine continental character. You may also choose red, white, and sparkling wines from their wine menu.

So maybe UnionsExpressen would be a good idea for those of you travelling to Scandinavia this summer or fall?

Ryanair closing three and opens one new destination from Torp Airport Sandefjord

The budget airlines operating from Scandinavia close and launch new destinations in such a speed that it is difficult to keep track of the developments. Earlier this spring, Ryanair decided to close its flights to Marseille, Pisa, and Madrid this fall. Now it launches a third destination in Germany. The airline operated one service to Frankfurt Hahn and one to Bremen, and will open another service to Düsseldorf Weeze, from October 27th.

Düsseldorf is an important hub for the airline and it operates services to 30 destinations in Europe from Weeze. The airline will also increase flights to London Stanstead from three to four a week.

So now is the time to look for cheap tickets, as Ryanair usually offers a great number of low price tickets when launching another destination.

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