Monday, August 04, 2008

Bus ride from hell

By guest writers Susanne and Per Koch

We found this monster parked in a street nearby our home the other day.

This is "Das rollende Hotel" from Hell. The German company Rotel Tour is responsible for these "rolling hotels", combinations of regular buses and beehive style sleeping cubicles.

On their web site Rotel tells us that there are both single and double cabins available. There is no information on how big the cubicles are, however, although the picture below may give you an idea.

Rotel seems to send their buses all over the world, including -- as we have proved -- exotic Norway.

We find it very hard to imagine how it is to take part in such a journey, but then again we are pretty spoiled, being accustomed to private bathrooms and the like. Imagine traveling through the Australian outback or the Egyptian desert in a tin can (admittedly an air conditioned tin can).

On the bright side it is probably a greener option than air travel. What it does for the sociocultural environment in the bus is another matter.

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