Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bargain prices to North America on Icelandair

I booked my flight to North America last week, and discovered that certain departures from Oslo were extremely cheap. I could have booked a ticked priced at EUR 300 roundtrip + tax. As I have told you earlier Icelandair is definitely my favourite airline and Keflavik my favourite hub for North American flights.

My ticket leaving Oslo September 12th to Boston, returning September 21st was priced at 3811 NOK (Around 475 EURO), excluding tax it was around NOK 2500 (EURO 310). Be aware that these prices go up and down. The day after I booked (July 24th) the airfare for the same dates had risen with around 125 EURO. You could, July 24th, however get airfare at en even lower price, EURO 350, leaving Oslo Tuesday September 15th with a return, September 23rd. This shows that if you plan your travel and find a bargain, do not wait – buy immediately.

Funny enough, prices do not seem to get any lower than this lowest price in either October, November, and rising a little in December. Still the lowest tickets available were, July 24th, around the 375 EURO mark. If you are planning to use Icelandair for Christmas, be aware that some tickets are already sold out, so you better hurry.

The lesson is. Check Icelandair every day and look for the cheapest airfare around your planned trip. Then you should buy immediately, if you find something very cheap and plan accordingly. That is; if you are one or two, unattached, and may plan travels outside seasons and holidays. If you are not, you may have to settle for much pricier tickets.

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