Friday, August 08, 2008

Al Fresco revisited

Last year we had a great lunch at Al Fresco, and as we visited Sitges this summer, we wanted to do an encore, and try another delicious dish. Al Fresco is a charming restaurant located in a narrow street of the old part of the city. Here you find a lunch restaurant at street level and a gourmet restaurant with the same name in the basement.

Last year I fell in love with the rustic interior and the informal atmosphere here. It reflects the informal and alternative life style found in this charming Spanish coastal town.

As we ended up for a lunch, I will not give it a full review here, as this requires at least two dishes, at best three dishes in order to get a proper impression of the food. I am certain, however, that Al Fresco would have made it to the upper part of the barometer if reviewed, as the food is well prepared made from good ingredients.

This year, as last it was lamb on my menu, and as last year, it had a Moroccan feel to it - lamb with couscous and vegetables. The meat was cooked tender to perfection; seasoned with a range of different spices it certainly had created the same North African character to the dish. The vegetables were soft and had soaked up all the delicious of the aromas of the stock.

My friends ordered a dish based on a genuinely Nordic ingredient – baccalà, dried and salted codfish, served with an ordinary and wild rice mix. As a contrast to the Bacalao – the dish prepared in Norway, where the dried cod would be simmered in a rich tomato sauce with onions and potatoes, it it was served with just oil and vegetables.

If you visit Sitges, Al Fresco is highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel to enjoy one good lunch. We will certainly come back in 2009.

Al Fresco Café
Address: Carrer Major, 33, 08870 Sitges
Fax: 938 114 017
Phone: 938 113 307

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