Friday, July 11, 2008

Wine at Maison Kammerzell

Very few experiences blend together as when you catch the facades of Maison Kammerzell and the mighty cathedral of Strasbourg within the frame of the same photo. I have during my weekend in the Alsatian capital returned to sit outside every day to enjoy a glass of wine in magnificent surroundings. The image catch what Strasbourg is all about, history and ancient traditions.

Maison Kammerzell is close to 600 years old. It was built already in 1427 and is today one of, or probably the best preserved building from the Middle Ages in the city.

This weekends visit to Strasbourg was my third. As I visited the city my first time in 1979 Maison Kammerzell was one of the sights I remember the best, and it is, besides the cathedral itself, my favourite piece of architecture in Strasbourg.

The house is not unique architecturally. There are many half timbered house scattered over the city centre. What is unique, besides its age, is the ornaments, carvings, and paintings.

Today the building house a restaurant serving traditional Alsatian dishes and if you would like to wake up to a spectacular view you may even rent a room here.

Personally I think I know a tourist trap when I see one. We had a suspicion that the restaurant might serve overpriced mediocre food. I would certainly hope that this was not the case.

We decided to try our culinary luck somewhere else, but we ended here every evening during my stay drinking a "demi" of good red wine with the ancient house in our back and the ornate facade of the cathedral in front of us. I strongly recommend those visiting Strasbourg to do the same. If you try the kitchen, let me know.

See the Maison Kammerzell official website

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