Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Scandinavian airports among the world’s best airports.

Copenhagen International Airport and Helsinki International airport were ranked as the 7th and the 9th of the world’s best airports by Skytrax research, the leading research Advisers to the world airline and air transport industry. London Heathrow was given a meagre 2 star rating confirming its record as a low performing airport.

The ranking is based on a survey among 8,2 million travellers answering a range of 39 different questions on shopping, airport restaurants, service and airport punctuality. Hong Kong Airport was once again awarded the honour of being the best airport in the world, followed by the Singapore Changi and Seoul Incheon airports.

Münich airport in Germany was the highest ranking European airport on Skytrax lists. Awarded a 4th position it was given a five star rating. This means according to Skytrax rating:

“The ultimate Approval, awarded to Airports achieving the highest Quality standards. A 5 Star ranking recognises highest standards of Product and Service delivery across the many different assessment categories in the Airport environments. 5 Star Status recognizes airports which are at the forefront of product / service innovation”

Copenhagen airport was given the same excellent rating, whereas Helsinki Airport, the 9th on the list was awarded 4 stars, given to airports achieving a good overall Quality performance. A 4 Star ranking signifies Airports providing a good standard of Product and Service delivery across many different assessment categories in the Airport environment.”

Read more on the awards on the Skytrax official site

Enjoy Food & Travel is satisfied that Heathrow airport, according to Skytrax, only holds a 2 star rating. This rating is given to Airports “supplying for a poor Quality performance - falling below the industry average in the measured competitive product and service sectors. 2 Star ranking represents a poor standard of Product across different ranking categories - and poor standards of Staff Service delivery across the Airport environment.”

The opening of Heathrow Terminal 5 in March has been a disaster. Even 4 months later up to 900 passengers manage to get to their corresponding flights every day, finding that their luggage do not. Having declared Heathrow hell on earth, I am glad that the Skytrax advisers find it likewise. Heathrow has simply grown out of all proportions and you risk losing your flights as well as your luggage unless there are at least 2-3 hours to your corresponding flight.

Ye be warned!!!

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