Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Truffle Risotto from Piedmonte

We have been through one of the most beautiful weekends this year. Close to 30 degrees in the shade and 25 in the water and hardly a cloud on the sky. I spent the weekend with my good friend Laila at our summer home. She brought a treat for us to prepare on last Friday evening - risotto with black truffles from Piedmonte.

I love risotto and I love truffles, and the combination of the two - what could be better!!

Laila had been given the small bag with arborio rice, seasoned with dried black truffles and porcini as a culinary gift from Italy. She had most generously brought the bag as her contribution to a great weekend - and my how good it tasted.

When preparing such a risotto, less is more. I only used olive oil, white wine, vegetable stock, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

I heated the rice gently in olive oil, added a glass of dry white wine.

I had heated 100 cl water with two cubes of vegetable stock, adding little by little, stirring until the rice had absorbed the liquid turning soft, but still a little al dente. When ready, I mixed in as much Parmesan as I felt for, but I was careful not to overpower the subtle truffle aromas. If necessary you may enhance the risotto by adding a little truffle infused olive oil.

Even without truffle oil, the mysterious, characteristic truffle aromas played with all our senses.

And what to drink? A cool glass of dry white wine.

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