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Smoking Halibut - a readers request

Michael in Santa Ana, in California had the following request:

"Many years ago while in Bergen I bought some "Bla Kveite" at the Bergen's Fish Market. Our Norwegian friend prepared it for us-it was steamed -served with young summer potatoes and of course gurken salat och akvavit! I fish often off British Colombia and catch some halibuts-where can I get a recipe how to prepare and smoke the halibut the bla kveita style? As I remember it was only slightly salted and smoke?

Many Thanks in Advance



Dear Mike!
Blåkveite or Greenland Halibut is a subspecies of the halibut and has a circumpolar distribution and is found in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

I tried to look for a procedure on how to smoke halibut or Greenland halibut. I found that a Norwegian, Kjell Gilje has a description in Norwegian on how he prepare and smoke different kinds of fish including halibut. A rather bad English translation (google) may give you some information.

I suppose it would be a good idea to contact him directly on e-mail to get further information. His e-mail is:

Smoked halibut is a delicacy, and I have had the pleasure to enjoy thinly sliced halibut on a few hotel buffets. They have served the halibut cold with scrambled eggs or a cold potato salad.

On, they recommend that smoked halibut is cut into one inch slices and boiled very gently for 7 minutes. In fact the water should not bubble merely be just at boiling point. The fish sould be served with boiled potatoes and fish stock thickened with a little cornflour and plenty of parsley.

You will find a recipe on Norwegian cucumber salad here.

I hope this has been at some help for you!

Tor Johnsen
Enjoy Food & Travel

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