Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is my flight on schedule?

Expecting someone arriving by plane today? If you want to check whether the flight is on schedule, check the site It is packed with useful information.

Flight delay index

Flightstats provides a whole range of useful information. The first you see is the delay index - a map providing information on current status on delays on different airports, ranged from very low to excessive, and it is interactive. In this way you may check whether you have to be prepared for large delays, even before you leave for the airport.

See FAQ on this service here

Flight status information

On your right you find the flight status information. Here you may check according to different parametres.
  1. Airport allows you to check delays on airport and airlines. If you type in Oslo Airport and SAS you are provided with updated information on the performance of the airline at the present time
  2. Flight status allows you to check current delays on flights from one airport to another. If you type in Paris Charles de Gaulle on departure and Oslo Airport on arrival you are provided with updated information on all flights on this distance on all airline at the present time. You may even get an alert to your e-mail or mobile phone. This requires that you register and when having done that flight status will notify you if anything changes and when the flight arrives.
  3. Flight Status by Flight, allow you to check delays on your specific flight. Typing in your airline name or code and flight number you get updated flight information.

FlightStats provides you with more tools in order for you to evaluate the overall performance of airports and airlines, thus enabling you to choose the airline most useful for you. All in all this website has a whole range of different services worth exploring.


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