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Hotel Santa Maria, Sitges

We made Hotel Santa Maria our home for a week from June 16th to June 22nd. Last year we had visited Sitges for a day and fallen completely in love with the city and the hotel. Its superb location right by the beach was the thing that tempted us to book a room here, and we do not regret the choice. Its old world charm, good service, large rooms and our own balcony facing the blue Mediterranean sea has already made us decide to return in 2009.

Location BBBBB-

The hotel has a superb location. You just have to cross the street in front of the hotel and you are directly on the beach.

The location does, however, have its downsides. The road is a place where people walk and drive around the clock. Having this superb view thus means that it is not the most quiet of places. For those of you sensitive to noise may consider to abstain from the beachfront rooms and settle for a room facing the back yard.

Service: BBBBB

When considering the service - nothing to put your finger on. Professional English speaking staff at your service in the reception.

Thorough cleaning every day at 1 PM, making it a feast returning to your room.

Every morning at breakfast warm coffee and milk was delivered immediately on arrival.

Hygienic standard: BBBBB

The hotel tiled floors making it easily to maintain a high hygienic standard. No carpets sucking up dust here! All corridors, rooms, and other facilities were cleaned regularly.

Room: BBBBB-

Room 121 was large and spacious, and the bathroom was larger than some of the single rooms I have stayed in.

It had been newly redecorated, still there were a few things that brought the score down a little.

The tiles on the floor had not been fastened properly meaning that they moved when walking over them. One or two of the beautiful tiles had even cracked in spite of the fact that they were brand new.

There was an old lamp in the ceiling, and the main light lacked a matching cover, showing a bare light bulb. There were a few cracks in the plaster of the ceiling as well.

Then to its asset, and they were many!!

The size is already mentioned, and our own balcony. A little small but as you opened up the shutters you could take out a glass of wine and look at the sea and the people that passed by.

And when settling in for the night, you could rest on of two large beds. If you did not want to sleep with the doors open you could switch on the air conditioning, that worked perfectly during night.

TV, mini bar, a large desk. Two large closets where we could hang up our clothes. In-room safe where you cold close in your valuables.

The bathroom had been redecorated with new tiles on the floor and walls in delicate shades of beige and cream. A bath tub (O luxury!), shower, two large sinks with space in abundance to your toiletries.

So room 121 did give us much for the €120 we paid per night. This was comfortable living by the beach.

Breakfast: BBBBB-

Yes, the breakfast was included in the price. What joy to come down in the morning, getting a jug of fresh brewed coffee with warm milk.

You could pick from a great breakfast buffet. Cheese, ham, salamis, jam, boiled eggs, tomatoes, meat patés, rolls, and sweet pastry. Having eaten you could take a glass of fresh orange juice and a yogurt.

What did I miss? I missed rolls made from whole grain, and I do love eggs and bacon when on holiday.

But the breakfast buffet was a pleasant surprise for me, and it provided enough to get us going until lunch time.

Facilities: BBBBB-

I did miss a garden, and I did not find any comfortable lounge to sit in. Some would perhaps miss a swimming pool, but who needs it with the beach right over the street. Very small things that draws a few tenths off the rating.

Price: BBBBB

Room 121 is absolutely worth its €120. If you settle for a room facing the back yard you can even get a better deal.

Rating the Hotel Santa Maria experience: BBBBB- (4,87 points)

Highly recommended with true value for money. And do stay away from room 121 in June next year. That room is mine!!!


Hotel La Santa Maria
Pg. De la Ribera 52
08870 Sitges

You can book your room at the hotel here:

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