Saturday, July 05, 2008

Coming up in July on Enjoy Food & Travel - Strasbourg

July 4th 2008 I leave for Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace. This is purely a social visit, meeting a former colleague that has started to work at the Council of Europe. Strasbourg is not unknown to me, as I have been there before. In fact it is the 3rd time. The first time was nearly 30 years ago.

Then five students at my high school was invited to attend a EU / Council of Europe seminar starting at Jugendhof Scheersberg in Schleswig-Holstein, ending with a visit to Strasbourg. That time we stayed in a small village, Kork Bei Kehl, in a old hostel, crossing over the Rhine into France to visit different European Institutions.

Strasbourg was the first place I tasted Foie Gras, waking up a passion that has followed me ever since.

The second time I ended up in Strasbourg was in 1985, on an interrail trip lasting three weeks from Oslo to Paris, on to Toulouse, Carcassonne, Sète, Avignon, and Strasbourg. At the television room at the Hotel Carlton I watched the Norwegian duo Bobbysocks win the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway for the first time.

July 4th at 7.15 AM I leave Oslo bound for Copenhagen, changing planes there arriving in Frankfurt Am Main before noon. From here I will take a bus to Strasbourg where I will arrive just after 3 PM. The return is late Monday evening.

I have so many sweet memories from this beautiful ancient city, and I do look forward to re-explore it with my good friend Øivind.

So stay tuned for exciting stories from Strasbourg here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

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