Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Enjoy Food & Travel

Enjoy Food & Travel is created by me, Tor Johnsen, currently working as Head of Information at the Cancer Registry of Norway. In private, I am a passionate traveller and foodie, and I use Enjoy Food & Travel as my personal diary to describe where I have stayed, what sights I have seen, and where I have wined and dined on all my travels.

My views are highly private and personal, i.e. you may have have experiences on food, places, hotels or people very different from mine.

As a passionate foodie, I try to make a good meal at least every day. Enjoy Food & Travel is also a channel for my culinary whims. I never use a cookbook, and during my cooking I experiment. The best proof of my success as a foodie, is if the people that often visit highly enjoy my food – and I am pleased to say that they do.

I’d love to hear from those of you that visit my site (in fact in average 3000 a month). Give me your story to publish, or opinion on how I may improve the Enjoy Food & Travel experience for you.

I would be very grateful!

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