Sunday, July 06, 2008

Heidi Holland - a celebrity and her guest house

January 28th Enjoy Food & Travel summed up the best hotel experiences in 2007. The number 1 accommodation was awarded to Melville House, located in Melville, a quiet quaint suburb of Johannesburg in South Africa. This guesthouse is run by the famous journalist Heidi Holland, which took very good care of us during our stay.

Heidi is born and raised in what once was Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, a country now descending into hell due to the corrupt rule of Robert Mugabe. Heidi Holland is once again in the world news as she has been the first journalist to get an interview with Robert Mugabe personally in the past three years, throwing light on how a man that once was a respected freedom fighter could turn into a tyrant. The account of Robert Mugabe’s background and life is given in her book Dinner with Mugabe.

Heidi Holland is personally in charge of her guest house, and I had the pleasure talking to her during the breakfasts prepared for us in the charming breakfast room in Melville. I highly recommend Melville house to those of you travelling to Johannesburg. Located in a quiet and relatively safe part of this large city, Heidi Holland and her staff provides great value for money. This is a place I would certainly consider if I’d needed a retreat for a week. Nice rooms, beautiful patio, and many nice restaurants and shops nearby.

Read more on Heidi Holland and her book on the Penguin South Africa website

See her read from her book "Dinner with Mugabe".

  • Gramadoelas: BBBBB (4, 91 points) Address: Bree Street, Newtown, Johannesburg
  • Mezza Luna: BBBBB- (4, 75 points) Address: 9a, 7th street, Melville, Johannesburg
  • Soi: BBBBB- (4, 65 points) Address: Corner of 7th Street& 3rd Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg
  • Nambitha: (Unrated) Address: 6877 Vilakazi Street, Orlando West, Soweto
  • The Orange Acorn: (Unrated) Address: 7th Avenue, Melville Johannesburg

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