Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Golden Bamboo Copenhagen

The Golden Bamboo trapped us for a highly ordinary lunch March 21st, a rainy day when outdoors activities were highly restricted. We had been to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. One of my traveling companions had passed the Golden Bamboo earlier and pointed to the fact that we might extend our culinary horizon a little further out than Øresund. He also pointed to the fact that the interior looked nice, and that Chinese cuisine offers a light and delicate alternative to fat Danish open sandwiches.

Location: BBBB

If you care to test whether my review provides a correct description of the Golden Bamboo it is a consolation that it is dead easy to locate, as it is found in Vesterbrogade, one of the main streets leading from the neighboring borough of Fredriksberg down to Rådhuspladsen, the main square and the beating heart of Copenhagen. It is a typical city restaurant so the location is neither spectacular or romantic.

Interior: BBBBB

The interior was one (if not the only) asset of the restaurant. It was an eclectic mix of a contemporary and traditional Chinese interior. Elegant tables set with wine glasses and dark red napkins. Comfortable leather chairs to rest your backs. I just regret that the culinary experience did not match the interior.

Price level & quality: BBB+

It would be wrong to say it was expensive, you could easily get a meal for less than €25, and for those of you that prefer to shovel the food in, you would not leave hungry. Sadly for those of us that like the food to taste as well, the Golden Bamboo was a disappointment. Cheap yes, but the price reflected the average quality, nothing more.

Service: BBBB

The staff was nice, served us quickly, and offered a decent service. We did neither have to wait long, nor nag the waiters. No obvious blunders either.

The food: BBB+

The food got the highest score for presentation, but both preparation, taste, and texture could not make this food taste better.

I and Per Christian were the hungriest one, and we went for the full Chinese monty, meaning appetizer, main course and dessert. As the other were both slimmer and prettier than at least me, they decided not to indulge in that much for lunch.

Appetizer - deep fried prawns with sweet and sour sauce. They did not tell me that it was deep fried prawns and broccoli, as what I thought was the third prawn was green inside.

I do not mind the healthy alibi, but what I do mind is the quality of the batter used for deep frying. It was too thick, too much, and instead of a thin crisp delicious coating over a tasty prawn it was soggy and greasy. This made the appetizer much richer than it might have been. This was a point as what we had ordered to follow the prawns could hardly be labelled as lean and healthy.

I love Chinese spare ribs - sticky fingers!!! Red lacquered with a salt, sweet and smoky glaze. The delicious taste of the far East, contrasts created by a blend of different spices and sauces. This is multitasking food, you eat this social food removing bone by bone, and socialize with your company across the table.

It looked great at the Golden Bamboo, but the glaze lacked the depth of the intense aromas otherwise found in an authentic spare rib. It did not give you that kick of tastes as I have had in many other good Chinese taverns.

This is not food that would please a Chinese pallet, but served to those of us in Europe that do not know better.

The same thing could be said of the dessert, pancakes with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Presentation again looked promising, but the pancakes were hardly warm, thick and rubbery - not the crispy thin crepes delicious served with ice.

So you need not be clairvoyant to understand that my visit to the Golden Bamboo did not belong to my greatest. Hardly so! Nice interior, decent service, nice food - to look at, but hardly to eat and enjoy!

Rating the Golden Bamboo experience: BBB (3,22 points)

Stick to the delicious Danish sandwiches - visit the Far East somewhere else (preferably in the Far East itself)

Golden Bamboo
Vesterbrogade 41
1620 København V, Denmark
+45 3321 7158

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Anonymous said...

Myself and a colleague dined their May 2010. Nice interior, good service but the food was appalling. Sweet and sour soup was incredibly salty and the chicken and duck pieces within were awful, the vegetable spring roll with beef was basically beef mince and onion, very dry with no flavour - seemed as if they may have been prepared days / weeks earlier! Chicken and cashew tasted okay but chicken appeared grey in colour!? Again too salty. Pancakes looked great but were too thick, rubbery and no flavour, probably packet product. Worst of all about 2 hours after the meal at my hotel I started feeling extremely ill, severe stomach pains followed by projectile vomitting. Found out next day my colleague was also ill. I enjoy chinese food very much and this was the worst i have ever had and now i know why! I suspect the reason for all the salt was to hide the fact the meat was not fresh!! This is the first time i have ever posted a comment on a meal, thought i should let others know to avoid this place or endure shouting at the toilet for a couple of hours! Please pass on