Friday, June 27, 2008

Even better - Cafe Zeleste revisited

A friend working in Copenhagen introduced and reintroduced me to Cafe Zeleste. During Easter I had another lunch here, and I am happy to say that Cafe Zeleste was even nicer than in 2007. I highly recommend this wonderful restaurant close to Nyhavn, the pittoresque old harbour. It is awesome.

Location: BBBBB

Café Zeleste is located in Store Strandstræde 6, close to Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv. These are among the most popular areas of Copenhagen with many good restaurants that serve traditional Danish food accompanied by "en bayer" - a glass of cold beer. And do as the Danes do, try an additional Aalborg Jubileumsakevit to your "frokost".

Atmosphere: BBBBB-

Café Zeleste is located in a charming small house and during spring and summer you can also eat in the back yard. Inside it has a classic, pale blue interior. If you choose eat outside, you can enjoy your food in a charming continental setting. We were placed at a table for two, in the wonderful interior.

Price: BBBBB

I chose a lobster soup followed by the Huks Fluks, 5 small dishes. With her and my lunch, a bottle of white wine at DKK 150 we paid DKK 600 (€75) for the whole meal, and it was definitely worth it.

The service: BBBBB-

The service was excellent!! Nothing more, nothing less!!!

The food: BBBBB

The lobster soup is one of the best I have ever tasted. Often you are served soup that does not have the sweetness found in a delicious fresh lobster.

This soup had this sweetness. Exquisite, well balanced, rich with a velvet consistency. As I gave my compliments to the cook, he ensured me that this was the real thing, made from lobster carcasses . I highly recommend this soup.

The Huks Fluks plate was equally delicious. A plate with 5 different dishes. First a Skagen toast, with a salad made from mayonnaise, shrimp, onion and fish roe.

Then a slice of juniper-berry smoked eel, yum!!! What could be better than a salmon tartar made from raw fish served with scrambled eggs

In French manner - two varieties of cheese, one brie and one soft yellow cheese. The end of the meal was celebrated with
Zeleste´s soft and sweet chokoladekage - chocolate cake.

Overall rating: BBBBB- (4,88)

Close to perfection and better than the last review (4,69 points). I do recommend the lunch at Cafe Zeleste, if you are travelling to the Danish capital. But if you are hungry, you can easily enjoy a three course dinner here, and still not feel stuffed. For lunch - may I recommend the Huks Fluks and the lobster soup, if on the menu.

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Adress: Store Strandstræde 6, Dk 1255 København K
Phone: +45 33 16 06 06

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