Saturday, May 17, 2008

Statens Museum for Kunst - Copenhagen

Statens Museum for Kunst - the Danish National Gallery house a very impressive collection of paintings and sculptures spanning from the Middle Ages to the present time. It is located by Rosenborg Palace close to Kongens Have. This is a museum that definitely needs more time than just a few hours. It provides hours and hours of food for thought. Thus, our visit was just a taste of what the museum has to offer.

Old and new architecture in harmony

The old part of Statens Museum for Kunst is built during the last decades of the 19th century in Italian renaissance style. A new wing built in 1998 provides an interesting contrast to the old massive building. A clean white architectural structure with large glass surfaces connected by a large open walkway providing much light and additional space for exhibitions and concerts

Design down to the smallest details

Very little is left to coincidence here, restrooms, chairs, plates, glasses, and coffee cups conform to the same delicious Danish design. As we ordered a caffe latte in the cafeteria it was served in this delicately shaped mug, placed on a glass table, and you sat sat down and enjoyed your coffee on designer chairs.

We decided to admire the exhibition located in the walkway. Contemporary art with a taste of the macabre. Here are a few of the art works on display. I will return to other and older works of art later.

Delicious Death

In the large walkway you found an installation playing with death. As this blue sculpture with a glistening white skull, a colourful ghost whose light blue garment is playing in a gentle breeze.

Memento Mori, remember you will die!

A baby is expected - call the vet!?

Whose offspring is expected here - I wonder? Who to call - a midwife or a vet?

This over pregnant sculpture thrills your curiosity, as you try to figure out what is inside and whether it is its head or its feet that is/are clearly visible in the small opening.

Danse Macabre

It is difficult to see whether this hot embrace between the grim reaper and the bald headed naked man is love, a hot dance, or a fight for life.

It leaves you, in fascination, with questions and no answers. I think danse macabre is the correct word to use here.

He is coming to take you away, hi-hi, ha-ha, ho-ho.....

Scratch on - do not give up!!!

Remember the fight between Krystle and Alexis in Dynasty - the Carrington saga? This is worse!

I do not know what these two initially disagreed on, but whatever it may be, it is dead serious. Using their hands scratching each other until bleeding through every opening.

No winners, no losers here. The undertaker is waiting for his prey.

Want to see more on the interior? See this short film from the interior of Statens Museum for Kunst.

See the official website of Statens Museum for Kunst here (English version)

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