Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sights by lake Stor Treen

Lake Stor Treen is located in the middle of the dense forest of Värmland, in western Sweden. I stayed by this large lake with my friend Terje during a hot weekend in April. We took a short walk in the nearby area and we found a few remains from a time of hard labour.

Fredros Flottningsränna

The log chute at Fredros is one of the few remaining structures of its kind in Värmland. Log chutes were built to get timber past difficult parts of the rivers used to float timber from the forests to the sawmills.

The log chute at Lake Stor Treen was built in 1912 and was used until the 1960s when this way of transportation of timber ended.

The old barn of Fredros farm

This impressive wooden building belongs to Fredros farm. A wonderful example of Scandinavian building style, made from solid timber, called "laftverk".

These buildings may, if well maintained, stand for hundreds of years. In Norway there are more than 200 timber buildings dating back before the reformation (1537). In fact the oldest wooden farm building still standing in Norway dates back as early as 1200. Some of the stave churches are even older, some being close to 1000 years old.

The farm building at Fredros is exceptionally well maintained by its owners, and will survive for coming generation to admire.

Loggers shed

We found this traditional loggers shed by the main entrance to the camping site. As the barn, built from massive wood, it provided shelter for the loggers.

The wooden frame encircles the spot of the fire where the loggers would get heat during fall and winter.

Here is a short film showing the log chute at Fredros

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