Saturday, May 03, 2008

Re use food containers - save the environment!

Do you often react to how much rubbish you have made after preparing a meal? I do! Paper, plastic and glass containers are chucked away having been used only once. Well there are a few easy ways to avoid this, creating less waste as you prepare and keep food, and saving money and the environment as well.

Much of the food you buy are packed in solid glass and plastic containers. Much of these are actually reusable. The good thing is that they are custom made as food wrapping and will not release harmful materials to the food inside. I peel off the labels of containers of a certain quality and wash them in my dish washer. Then I have containers available in different materials and sizes. In the plastic container above there once was a shrimps salad. No it is used again to contain frozen chicken stock.

Glass containers are also well suited for freezing down different ingredients, but if you freeze down liquid remember to allow some space on top for it to expand. If not, the glass will break from the expanding liquid and it will pour out - hardly a delicious thing to clean out of the freezing compartment.

And if you want to dispose of the container having used it three or four times, think of how much waste you have saved.

And in the end - remember to recycle!!!

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