Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Preparing the 2008 season

This week the temperature reached 20 degrees on the Celsius scale (70F), and the Norwegian spring season is on schedule. This weekend is the last bank holiday of the spring, as the 2nd day of Pentecost is on Monday. I will travel to our summer home for the first weekend of the 2008 season. First weekend means cleaning floors, dusting, but also enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

I love to explore countries, cultures, and cities. Equally I feel great comfort returning to a place going back to the time when Elizabeth I reigned Great Britain. Our family took over the house located not far from Arendal by the Norwegian South Eastern coastline, as late as 1773, making us the 6th generation to live here.
So I enjoy all the best of all worlds, traveling abroad at leisure, taking part of the hectic life of Oslo, and when you are fed up with it all, you may retreat to the peace and quiet by the coast.

Who can ask for more.

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