Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mary had a little lamb........

I do not know what happened to the lamb Mary once had, with wool as white as snow. I did however, during my weekend in my summer home, prepare one of its cousins for a Saturday dinner. I do not know whether I was lucky or knew what I did. The roast of lamb ended up extremely tender, succulent and perfect pink.

A friend had borrowed my flat and had left the roast in my refrigerator. It had passed its "use by" date by six days. I do know that meat may even be better and more tender if it pass the dato of consumption. I put the roast in my freezer, took it out and brought it to Sørlandet as a weekend dinner.
I was a little skeptical, as the brand "Slakter" does not have the best reputation. It had already been browned and marinated in garlic and herbs. I know that lamb should be pink and I had no knowledge on how long to bake a roast weighing 1 kilo (2,2 lbs) to perfection. I assumed that baking on low heat would be the best strategy.

I am pleased to say that I was right. 2 hours at 120C (250F) and 15 minutes to rest it was the way shown on top.

We were on vacation and I decided to act accordingly when preparing vegetables and gravy. I bought frozen "lapskaus" mix, meaning vegetables to prepare Norwegian stew, i.e. diced carrots, potatoes and sliced leeks. I mixed in olive oil, salt and pepper and baked the vegetables under the lamb catching the dripping from the roasting meat.

The soup from Kelda - a classic cream sauce was perfect to the lamb. All in all, this was a meal of leisure, as the day were - as we enjoyed the first Norwegian summer days.

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