Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hipp hooray - 17th of May!!!

Coming Saturday is our National Day, and it is celebrated with a champagne brunch - as usual! I have invited 7 friends asking them to bring one bottle of bubbly - each! As last year I invite to a buffet. I like variation on what to serve - within my repertoire. This is what I am going to offer my guest.

Last year I served cold food, salmon with creamed potato salad and scrambled eggs, cured meats, and wraps with cream cheese and Spanish ham. Shrimp salad with saffron and asparagus. This year I will combine hot and cold food, into a tapas style buffet.

What are my plans for the brunch? Here are a few hints.

Crespelle - Amalfi style filled pancakes

This is variation of the crespelle from the Amalfi coast south of Naples. The lazy version as I use ready made pancakes, but if you make them from scratch they get even better.

I use 250 grams ricotta cheese, mix in 100 grams grated mozzarella, and 100 grams grated Parmesan. Mix well. Chop 100 grams of cured ham and mix into the cheese mixture. Add a little grated nutmeg, salt pepper to taste. Remember the ingredients already contains salt so do not use too much.

Take 8 pancakes. Fill each evenly with the cheese mix and place in tray. Add a good tomato sauce and sprinkle grated cheese on top. Bake in medium hot oven (180C / 300F) until cheese is golden and sauce bubble.

What else to serve?

The full menu is not decided yet, but there are a few thing I will serve for brunch.

I will make my wraps with cream cheese and smoked salmon. This year I will swap the ham with salmon as salmon is equally good for this cold treat.

I will not make my shrimp salad, but I need some more fish. To increase the fish quota I will prepare my easy-made salmon and tuna mousse.

No steaming necessary - use aspic dissolved in hot milk first used to poach salmon. Liquidize milk, poached salmon, and tuna and pour warm mixture into a tray and place in refrigerator over night to cool.

I will serve a tzatziki and steamed crayfish to the mousse.

Another great and easy think to make is my little piggies, prunes in bacon, baked crisp in the oven, great cocktail treats - good for champagne as well.

Other treats to consider:

  • Chicken wings - delicious bite sized food, in hot sweet marinade - maybe a little to pungent for the champagne
  • Chicken liver paté with sweet onion marmalade - a Scandinavian specialty with a twist
  • Cured ham served with flat bread and sour cream
My meal is under construction - and much may happen. I may get a whim and prepare something completely different. What ever I make, I trust my friends will be happy with the result.

Hip hooray - 17th of May!

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