Monday, May 19, 2008

Hip Hooray - the menu of the day

I am pleased to say that the brunch I invited to May 17th was a success. I followed my plans for the food and it tasted great. The guests brought red wine and sparkling wine, and good wine and food made us all into a cheerful bunch of people by the end of the day.

What did I make?

My salmon nibbles with cream cheese and sweet chili was a great success. This year I added more kick to them as I wrapped the cheese and salmon mix in tortillas made with jalapeños and garlic.

I made a variation of my salmon mousse, as I, after having poached the salmon in hot milk just flaked the salmon up before pouring the hot milk and aspic mix over. This is a one time experience, as blending the milk, aspic, and salmon finely gives a much better consistency. And I used only salmon this time, but a mix of tuna and salmon is delicious. I have also made a mousse with all herbs from the garden of my summer home.

The prunes in bacon is always a success!!!

I made an oven baked egg and bacon omelet, coating the surface of a non-stick bread baking tray with slices of bacon, before pouring in 8 beaten eggs, mixed with 8 tbsp water, salt pepper, and herbs. Allow to bake until completely warmed through. Allow to cool, before taking out of tray and cutting it into thin slices.

Then I made marinated shrimps. I took 2-3 tbsp of Tone's Salmon & Seafood seasoning, mixed in olive oil and sweet chili dipping sauce. Placed 500 grams / 1 lb of shelled shrimps in a zip-lock back, poured the marinade over allowing it to marinate for 5-6 hours. Yum!!

It is always a learning process as you prepare food, and things you would have done differently as you look back. These are small secrets you can keep for yourself and your improvement. But the smile on my friends faces and the good mood around the table told that the food had done its job, to unite good friends on the day commemorating the signing of the first Norwegian Constitution, 194 years ago.

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