Monday, May 05, 2008

Coming up in May, - Lyon, France!!

Lyon is Frances third largest city. It is located in the Rhône valley where the rivers Rhône and Saone meet. It has a long and dramatic history, going back more than 2000 years. Sights from Lyons long history will be presented here on Enjoy Food & Travel. Lyon is also the culinary capital of France, and I do look forward visiting a few very good restaurants as well.

Scandinavian Airlines offered a discount fare to Lyon in May and it was very difficult to resist a very good offer. For only NOK 1222, (around 150 EURO), I got a round trip ticket leaving Oslo May 23rd 6.30 PM, arriving in Lyon 8.20. The return is Monday, May 26th at 9.30 PM, arriving in Oslo close to midnight.

I will stay at Grand Hôtel de Terreaux, located in Lyons historic district. A first class hotel offering a single room at less than 70 EURO a night. Is this price too good to be true? Well, I will let you know!!

So sat tuned here at Enjoy Food & Travel in May.

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