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Amadeus Café & musik Conditori, Copenhagen

As Ida Davidsen, my favourite place to eat in Copenhagen, was closed during Easter, I had to look elsewhere to enjoy open sandwiches. My traveling companions recommended Amadeus, not far from Amalienborg Palace. They were hungry for the brunch there served with a glass of champagne. For my part, I do not think that I will substitute the sandwiches at Ida Davidsen for those served at Amadeus.

Amadeus is a classic European café / restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. We went there to eat lunch after a few hours exploring the Danish National Gallery (coming up later). My friends had been there before and described its brunch plate with great enthusiasm. I had only one thought in mind - smørbrød, or the famous Danish open sandwiches.

The brunch menu contained omelets (11 AM - 3 PM), open sandwiches 1 for DKK 69 (€9), three for DKK 149 (€19) and if you want "en lille en", you would have to pay DKK 169 (€21). You may choose a range of different other dishes, cakes, and pastry.

A delicious brunch plate!

My friends chose the brunch plate. Scrambled eggs with grilled beef sausages and bacon, 2 cheeses, Serrano ham, fruit salad, pancakes with syrup, Greek yogurt with fruit coulis, smoked salmon rolled with spiced cream cheese, one glass of juice, tea or organic coffee.

Price DKK 109 (€14), and if you want to pamper yourself, order a glass champagne and pay DKK 149 for all (€18,50). Naughty! Wicked! Great!

Open sandwiches

And then I chose the full sandwich package, with beer and a digestive!

My first choice was a egg and shrimp sandwich with mayonnaise, dill weed and lemon. This is a Danish classic. A large heap of peeled shrimps, enough to cover a slice of Danish rye bread and a generous amount of mayonnaise.

But what a disappointment. I do not know whether the shrimps had been in brine, or frozen. Frozen shrimps may be good. What ever, these shrimps did not taste very much.

Then the second sandwich appeared, smoked salmon, with a apple and horseradish cream.

Interesting combination as salmon is often served with scrambled eggs. This sauce provided an interesting contrast to the salted fish, fresh, sour, and the heat from the horseradish.

A much better choice than the shrimps, but I would getter an even better treat!!

The Danes love their liver-paté, and it has to "lun", slightly heated and served with bacon, mushrooms, and pickled cucumber.

Amadeus promised home made paté and it was served in a small oven proof dish. It was delicious, delightful, delovely.

You could scoop out a generous portion of tasty, moist paté and pile it up on a slice of dark rye bread, and devour it with a cold glass of Danish beer.

This was certainly in the spirit of the rich Danish sandwich tradition. It was an awesome experience, highly recommended.

So in short, stay away from the shrimps, salmon is interesting, but do choose the liver paté.

And if you do not care for any of them, I have to say that the brunch plate offered value for money.

But open sandwiches are best enjoyed in any of the traditional Danish "kro" or tavern. In Copenhagen I may recommend Skt. Annæ, Skindbuksen, or Hviids vinstue for the authentic atmosphere.

Amadeus Café & musik Conditori
Store Kongensgade 62, 1264 København K
Phone: 33-32-35-11
Official website
Booking on web

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