Sunday, April 20, 2008

A view to remember...

I looked through some old photos and I found this blurred photo of a view long gone. This picture of Northern Manhattan was taken from the roof of one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 1990 on my first trip to the United States.

It is so strange how old photos revive forgotten memories. Through them I once again remember clearly that day in February 1990 I left with a Pan Am flight from London Heathrow bound for JFK Intl. airport. My trip would take me from JFK to Boston with a US Air flight for a week with my friend Joe Cice. He studied political science at Harvard University and rented a flat in Banks Street in Cambridge. We watched the release of Nelson Mandela live on TV. Sadly my friend died in 2006, 38 years old. I miss him, as he was an important part of my past.

I then spent a week with my aunt Hanne Skuggevik in Stratham Heights Road in Stratham NH, another week with my cousin Ann Eastman in Sebastian Lakes in Florida, before I left for the Big Apple.

It was during the last week in New York, visiting a friend studying at St. Vladimir Orthodox seminary in Crestwood N.Y., that I slipped away and took the lift to the upper deck of one of the two impressive towers on Manhattans southern tip. It is so strange that this view is no more.

I particularly remember this old church just by the Twin Towers. I think it is the Church of Saint Peter, and this was used as shelter during the disaster on September 11th 2001. It is a beautiful Greek revival building, strange in style among the high rise buildings in the middle of the busy metropolis.

When I visited NYC three years ago, I am glad to say that this building looked unharmed, in spite of the dramatic days in September 2001.

It is so strange all the memories old photos bring back. I wished that I already then had the opportunity to share my traveling experiences, as my blog is working as a diary - my window to the world.

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