Monday, April 14, 2008

A product to be avoided

I am happy to say that I am rarely disappointed by many ready made sauces, as many of them can be a good base and easily improved. I had high expectations for this one. It said that it had been prepared for 72 hours. I swear that if I would use that much time, the product would be very different.

Containing beef stock made from beef bones, water, carrot, onion, thyme, parsley, clove, black pepper and bay leaves and in addition onion, celery, tomato and salt it is a demi-glace by the book. I would have preferred a splash of red wine as well.

But it was terrible.......

Most bases, may be improved but this was beyond this point. Trying red wine, sugar, salt, and even a little whiskey it kept its uninteresting taste and a unidentifiable bitterness. So where did it go? Into the sink, and I started all over again. I had some stock in my freezer and started from scratch, with an excellent result.

So avoid this product from Puljonki Ldt. produced in Juuka in Finland. A waste of time and money.


Andreea said...

so awful when a product dissapoints that much! mostly after it proudly says 'for 72h so that you would not have to!'

Tor Johnsen said...

I totally agree with you Andrea! Most bases are good, but are made better through adding salt, wine, sugar - ingredients that provide contrasts to the end product. I, however, usually make sauces from scratch. Making good stock from chicken carcasses or even better, ox tails. If you reduce the stock to a quarter of the original quantity you get an excellent result - but it takes time, of course.