Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pre Christian Greco-Roman Art

You walk back in time, when you go through the collections at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. You dig through layer after layer, in our common European history. Egypt, Rome, and then - ancient Greece. The oldest culture on the European mainland. Here are a few examples of the master pieces in its pre Christian collections.

Grave statue of a sitting dog. Athens, 360 BC. Marble

Watch- and hunting dogs were status symbols in ancient Greece. Their were often placed in pair to watch over their masters grave.

This excellent example was made to watch over an Athenian grave some 2350 years ago. It is carved from solid marble, and the skill of the sculptor presents the alertness and strength in its quest to watch over the diseased.

Tomb Lion, Marathon 330 BC Marble

Another animal to watch over you grave, now one out of two lions that once guarded a noble grave at Marathon.

The eyes of these lions were often inlaid and their bodies painted to make them more life like.

Head of the God Hermes, 500 BC, Boeotia. Marble

Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, and the protector of the traveler. Who could be more welcome here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

This head was once placed on a pillar. In front of the pillar you had male genitals, and arms were mounted on both sides.

These statues were placed along the roads to protect the traveler. So this statue could have told us many interesting stories - if it could talk.

Female Votary, 5-4 century BC, Cyprus. Limestone

This sculpture of a woman carries a wreath of laurel leaves, flowers and many jewels around her neck. In her right arm she carries a calf that she is presenting to her deity, probably Aphrodite.

Placed as a votive. A votive deposit or votive offering was left in a holy place for ritual purposes. This was generally made in order to gain favour with supernatural forces.

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