Friday, April 11, 2008

One way - please!

I remember when you had to book a round trip ticket to the same destination to get a favorable price. You booked your trip at a travel agency, and you got flight tickets printed on thick paper. You were at the mercy of the middle man, the person in charge of the computer, the person that booked your tickets. Those were the days, but do we miss them? Maybe - but I am happy to be my own master and book - one way please!!

As we did today, when booking our trip to the sunny beaches by the Mediterranean. We had three options if traveling non-stop from Oslo to Barcelona. We had good ol' Scandinavian operating daily flights from Oslo to Barcelona. The alternatives are provided by Danish Sterling and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Scandinavian lost the competition - to expensive , and then we booked - one way please!

Often you book a round trip ticket with the same air carrier, as this is what you do. In these times when you, and not the travel agency representative look into the PC - you are in charge.

This sense of power means that you end up as we did. Norwegian Air Shuttle provided the best offer on June 16th - a Monday. Leaving from Oslo - Rygge 9.25 AM, arriving in Barcelona 12.40 PM. Soon to get a dip in the Mediterranean before sunset and enjoy a plate of Arroz Negre in the loving Mediterranean dusk. Price - around €120 each. Nice price - Monday!

Going back, Norwegian offered a departure from Barcelona very early Sunday morning. The prospect getting up at dawn and take a look over the beach - and then go back made it easy to decide - one way please!!

Sterling offered a return from Barcelona 1.55 PM, meaning one morning dip, one good breakfast - before leaving for the train - in no rush. Being home around 5 PM, early enough to enjoy a pint at Karl Johans gate, on summer solstice - the longest day of the year.

Price - € 170, but it is Sunday, Summer, so who complains!!

Do we miss the travel agent? I miss what he / she stood for, a time when booking a trip was an occasion, but I LOVE the freedom provided by looking into the computer deciding to book - one way, please!!!

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