Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mama Ludba's - a great choice!

This restaurant, located in Fredriksberg, has been visited twice. February 1st with my good my friend Ketil in February and with other friends during Easter. It is safe to say that Mama Ludba's is an excellent choice, if you want Italian food and wine served in an eclectic interior by a professional staff.

Location: BBBB

Mama Ludba's is located in Værnedams vej in Fredriksberg close to the restaurants André Citroën, Viggo, and Vagabondo's - the latter to be avoided. A 15 minute walk from Rådhuspladsen, the heart of the Danish capital.

Interior: BBBB+

The interior is eclectic, to say the least. Dark wooden interior with romantic paintings, vases with large bouquet of flowers, and decorative items in different styles.

Price: BBBB+

A large menu with moderate prices. Starters and soups priced from € 4-15, pasta dishes and pizzas from €12-15, one dish priced at €30 - Linguine with fresh lobster and cherry tomatoes flambée with white wine (yum!). Meat and fish priced from €20-35 and dolce €7-10.

Service: BBBBB

Great service from a professional staff. Food served hot and with no delay.

Food: BBBBB-

Tortelloni ai funghi e gorgonzola

1. visit: I chose Tortelloni stuffed with a selection of fresh mushrooms in a gorgonzola sauce (€120). An excellent choice. Large home made raviolis with the a delicious mushroom filling and a smooth, well balanced blue cheese sauce.

Funghi misti alla griglia

2nd visit we ordered a starter and main course. My starter was a selection of grilled mixed mushrooms with rosemary and garlic (€12)

Look at this, it does not only look delicious but the taste was out of this world. Large slices of mushrooms seasoned with garlic and herbs, on a toast soaked in olive oil.


Lasagna al forno

I ordered Lasagna as a second course (€12). This was a little disappointing, in light of my previous culinary experiences.

This was not nearly as good as it could have been. The secret in a good tomato sauce is the balance between salt and a good quantity of sugar to cut the acidity of the tomatoes. This tomato sauce had not this good balance, in fact it did not taste very much.

Lasagna - the secret's in the sauce

A good lasagna should have at least two layers of tomato sauce and two layers of bechamel sauce topped with a mozzarella cheese. It had one layer of bechamel, and in spite of it being served steaming hot the mozzarella was soft and stringy. I prefer my lasagna to be baked until the colour of the cheese topping turns slightly brown and crispy. Thus! The Lasagna at Mama Ludba's was surpassed by my own recipe and many of the others served through my culinary life.

Rating the Mama Ludba's Experience: BBBB+ (4,59 points)
Great interior and service, but it is hard to evaluate the overall quality of the food. Still a place I would recommend to eat in one of the nicest areas of the Danish capital
Værnedamsvej 2, Copenhagen
Phone: +45 3323 4999

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