Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lunch at Südøst

At 2.15 PM last Saturday I arrived at Süd Øst in Oslo's trendy Grünerløkka area to enjoy a better lunch. Süd Øst is an extraordinarily trendy place, but in spite of its trend factor, the food served here is good at its worst, and excellent at its best. I once indulged in a lobster soup to die for here, finding when I wanted an encore a few days later, the same soup to be rather ordinary. Most of my experiences from Süd Øst up to now have however been of the excellent kind, and lunch served Saturday, April 12th was no exception.

Tuna salad on rye bread

This was one of these open sandwiches that cries out loud - eat me!! A generous amount of well seasoned tuna salad - mayonnaise, tuna fish, onion, served on a slice of dark rye bread.

One half of the slice with tuna, the other with salad tossed in an oil and balsamic vinegar dressing, so deliciously sweet that even the most stubborn meat eater would eat all the rabbit food. Great lunch for NOK 99 (€12).

Quiche with salad

The second choice, the French quiche, was equally a success. Crispy short crust pastry, basically butter and flour, pre-baked and then filled with a mix of cheese (I highly recommend cheddar over any other cheese for an even creamier result), ham or bacon, double cream and eggs.

Wicket food, and the staff at Süd Øst really know their stuff. The contrast between the crispy pastry and the exceptionally creamy, cheesy, well seasoned filling. Balanced on top a cold slice of crispy bacon, and more of that salad...... Price: NOK 119 (€15).

Satisfied after lunch and three glasses of red wine, I wondered why I do not go here more often. I have to try a three course dinner soon, and see whether I may detect a weakness in their culinary Armour, and pin them with a rating


Süd Øst
Trondheimsveien 5, 0560 Oslo
Phone +47 23 35 30 70
Fax: +47 23 35 30 71
E-mail (booking)
Web: (Norwegian only)

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