Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lake Stor Treen

Being in unspoilt nature is such a bliss for an urban dweller. Friday April 19th I left with my friend Terje to stay by the shores of Lake Stor Treen, a large lake in Värmland in Sweden. Stor-Treen and Mången are two small lakes located north of Arvika. Stor-Treen is located 190 meters above sea level and Mången is located 212 meters above sea level.

Lake Stor Treen is located in the Gunnarskog Community in the borough of Arvika. The Arvika borough covers a large area - close to 1300 square kilometres and has a population of 14000 inhabitants.

A large proportion of the population lives in the city of Arvika. The community of Gunnarskog has a population of 280 souls, but during late spring, summer and early fall many tourist visit this community to enjoy the unspoilt nature.

The community of Gunnarskog is located south of Lake Stor Treen. For those of you visiting Gunnarskog you are well advised to do your grocery shopping before driving into the wilderness. A good alternative is to do your shopping at Arvika or Charlottenberg, the centre of the neighbouring borough of Eda. In Gunnarskog you will experience that the distance between shops is long.

What are there to see in the area? Mostly nature, pine, spruce, and birch forests as long as the eye can see. Here foxes, wolves, and badgers rule the forests in the hunt for deer or other prey or the content in the odd waste bin.

You may admire the rune stone at Skramle, found during an archaeological excavations at Skramle in 1993. This farm, left to decay after the Black Death in 1350, was the oldest farm in Gunnarskog. The text is not completely deciphered, but what is, says:

Othawin wrote (these runes), I know of danger.... (Othawin ristade, jag känner til fara....)

Around the Lake Stor Treen there are a few sights to see, and I will rtell you on the following sights later:
  • Fredros Fløttingsrenne (Log Chute at Fredros)
  • Loggers shed, Stor Treen
  • Fredros farm.

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