Thursday, April 03, 2008

Icelandair losing out on Transatlantic flights?

Icelandair has become my first choice when traveling to the US. This small airline provides the best service from Scandinavia to Boston. A two hour flight from Oslo to Reykjavik and 4 hours and 50 minutes to Logan International in Boston. It has, until know, also offered low prices, making it the ultimate bargain for Scandinavians visiting the Eastern US. Is this about to change?

As I checked its website, I found that prices on its transatlantic flights had risen dramatically. Planning a possible off-season trip to the US in May the lowest price offered was around 750 EUR round trip, some being up to 1300 EUR. Earlier the lowest fare has been offered at around 500 EUR.

To my surprise the best offer from Oslo now was a joint British Airways / Virgin Atlantic flight, offered at 560 EUR ( What are the pro and con for this route? The pro is the low fare. The cons are however transit at the infamous terminal 5 at Heathrow, with a risk that BA lose your suitcase. Then a 7 hour 20 minute flight from Terminal 3 to Boston, with or without your suitcase.

Is this worth the lower price? I do not know yet, as I have still not decided to travel. It is however important for Icelandair to keep a favourable price tag, to ensure that its customers will remain faithful. I would think it would be a great loss if it would lose out to other airlines across the herring pond.

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