Tuesday, April 29, 2008

God - here comes the flood!!

This winter has been a relatively mild one. This means, little snow in the lower parts of Norway and huge amounts in the Norwegian mountains. In 2008 people living along lakes or rivers are waiting in suspense for the snow to melt.

Norwegian mountain resorts have had a great winter with up to 12 feet of snow. If all this snow should melt off quickly it would spell disaster for many. This is certainly the case for the population along Lake Mjøsa. They have experienced many disastrous floods during history. They have even erected a monument to keep record of the worst ones.

Close to Hamar city centre and to the lake itself you will find this large stone where they have marked the worst floods in written history. During the French revolution, July 24th 1789 they, experienced the worst flood ever. At that point there were only farms and farmlands here. Whereas the flood waters of June 1860 would have submerged the first floors of the many houses of the newly built city. The most recent flood were recorded June 11th 1995, but that was one of the lesser floods marked on this monument.

So we will see whether the spring of 2008 will mean another record. For the sake of the many inhabitants of Hamar, let us hope not.

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