Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Food for you eyes - only.....?

Eating at Cafe Glyptoteket is a feast for your eyes, an artwork as the rest of what is found in this beautiful art collection in the middle of Copenhagen. An important question is what is pleasing the hungry eye, tastes as good as it looks. I do not think so.

There are few things that make you more hungry than walking up and down large art collections. There are even fewer places where you may sit down and enjoy such a view than at Cafe Glyptoteket. In a winter cold February it was a great feeling to eat in a subtropical winter garden, under tall date palms towering up towards a large glass dome.

Ketil ordered a Herring plate accompanied by a potato cake. I ordered a club sandwich and two glasses of white wine. We sat down and waited for our food to be served.

I think Ketil felt a little disappointment as the herring was served. One large herring fillet, served with a small glass of chopped red onions and capers. What little was on the plate tasted good, but the amount of herring was certainly according to the spirit of Danish generosity.

My club sandwich looked equally promising. Two toasted slices of rustic bread, decorated with a balsamic vinegar reduction.

Cold, crisp slices of bacon on moist chicken breast on lettuce. It looked great, but did it taste as well as it looked? No such luck, it tasted a little boring.

One good thing was, however, that the lunch at Café Glyptoteket was hardly a rip-off. DKK 95 (€ 12) and the club sandwich DKK 109 (€14) and wine at DKK 38 (€ 4,50) was a reasonable price for a piece of art designed for you eyes only.

Café Glyptoteket
Dantes Plads 7, Copenhagen
Tlf.: 33 41 81 28

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