Sunday, April 27, 2008

A delicious sauce

I have already priced sauces and soups from Kelda. This smooth mushroom sauce was not an exception. Premade sauces from Kelda are highly recommended and will be even better with small adjustments, but these corrections are optional.

I love mushroom sauces, and for those of you on a diet, it will be a consolation that it contains a mere 6 % fat. I personally like to enrich these sauces with a little single cream (20%), and a little sweetener. Here you may use maple syrup, sherry, or Thai chili dipping sauce. I rounded the sauce off with cream, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce.

And to what food do you serve such a sauce? I recommend it to lean meats, as beef, or game, or even as a base for a casserole with onion, and mushrooms.

I found a packet of fresh Italian raviolis with spinach and ricotta cheese. Boiled them for 4 minutes until al dente, then folded in the sauce and sprinkled fresh pepper on top.

Very, very good!!!

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